Players' New Selection : DSone 2nd Generation Cards

NDS as the most popular game console nowadays were deeply loved by its players, and the burn card as the NDS necessary peripheral is much concerned by the player, after all, burn cards are the most cost-effective solutions to play NDS games now. How to Embellish Your Perfect Everyday Although the flashcards are less stable than the original one, but a large number of additional features are the great help to the players, and the new flashcard is excellent in this area. Capturing for Father's Day

The text strategy can be looked at any time. Fashion News: Nintendo DS Lite Console are in the First Place During Autumn Although many AceKards all support the reading of TXT documents, the electronic module and the game module are relatively independent, and can not be switched directly in the game.You will find it is inconvenient if you put the strategy into the DSTT Card, and you must start the games over and over again. DSone is a good solution to this problem while playing the game press L + R + B + START four keys at the same time, it will be able to switch to the TXT document reading mode quickly. Accessing the walkthrough mode freely may help the players to solve the trouble that repeat the game again and again during playing.The Stain of EZ flash Deriving from Your Neglect

It is that you can play with keeping on the fire anytime. Now all the games have basically the function of keeping on fire, but not every game supports the function immediately. Many games use to store game in the form of storage point, once the game failed, we could only start from last storage point, it is wasted a lot of time in virtually. DSone realizes real-time archiving function through the hardware, regardless of whether the game supporting real-time archiving, the game players can store the game progress through the shortcut keys. It helps to reduce the difficulty of the game greatly and ideal for novices to use.Precious are Absolutely Welcomed During Fall

The third one is modifing arbitrarily by the connecting finger. Some Details to Take Care of Your If you also can not get through the game with the help of in-time archiving, you should seek help on the connecting finger. What they called the gold finger refers to the procedure of cheating, and the players can achieve the unlimited life by amending the data of the games. However, most of the flash card should be set the cheating function before starting the game. And it can not be modified after entering the game. DSone is a good solution to this problem, no matter when and where we can pen and close gold finger freely.

Although DSone has many advantages, but this new burn card is not flawless, many players response individual games will meet white game or some phenomenon that we can not play. The compatibility of DSone and the stability of the game are still to be improved.

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